• Be sure to measure area prior to purchasing product.
  • Do not adhere product to any surface until you have all the stone needed to complete the project.
  • Test (dry fit) the product to see to if is going to work well with the area prior to purchasing a large amount of the stone.
  • One ton covers about 100 sq ft.

Flat pieces of stone available in a variety of colors, small pieces (6” x 1 ‘ @ about 1” thick) range from 4 to 40 lbs, larger pieces (3’ x 3’ @ about 1.5 -2” thick) can weigh up to 200 lb ea. Used in a large variety of applications such as: patio’s, natural walk ways, as a natural veneer on homes, pillars, buildings, landscaping edging, waterfall features, and around ponds. This stone can also be used in fish, snake, lizard and turtle tanks.

Flagstone Varieties

  • Flagstone

    Available at the following Locations: NPR / Spring Hill / LOL

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